Manoj Kumar Agarwal

Manoj Kumar Agarwal

setting up and managing businesses, Projects, Mergers & Acquisition, Fund Raising, Business Strategy


Projects, Mergers & Acquisition, Fund Raising, Business Strategy

Has more than 25 years of experience in setting up and managing businesses, Projects, Mergers & Acquisition, Fund Raising, Business Strategy.

I am a startup enthusiast and am at present involved in Advising, Mentoring and Setting up multiple businesses. As part of this I have Co Founded SEAFund, An Early Stage SEBI registered Fund and also have an advisory SalamanderI Advisors which manages the Fund and also provide services to Startups. 
I am actively involved in Advising and Managing one of Karnataka's largest TV Distribution Company eDigital, which also has a substantial Broadband business.
Earlier I was playing the role of a CEO at Pursuit Technologies Pvt Limited, An IT Infrastructure Company which is building A New business in the space of FTTH ( Fiber to the home ) to deliver triple play services. 
I am also an advisor & Investor in Latize - A Singapore based Data Management Company using Linked Data technology, It Product Ulysses was accredited by the Singapore Government owned IDA, Part of a process to help build Technology Companies with disruptive technologies. Besides this Manoj mentors and advises a few other start ups and has keen interest in the space.

Till 2013, I was CEO of Karuturi Global Limited, one of the World’s top 25 Agro Transnational’s with business interests across Agriculture, Floriculture, Food Processing & Internet Services. Myresponsibilities included Corporate Affairs, Overseeing and managing the India businesses of the company, which cover Floriculture, Food Processing, Internet Services and Floriculture retail (both Physical and Online). He also headed the Global Strategy & Business Transformation function which included developing the overall Business strategy, IT, Fund Raising, M &A, Investor Relations, Marketing and Communications

I am a Computer Science Graduate from Bangalore University with wide experience in Management. Has completed an intensive One Year Executive Management Program from INSEAD.