Investor Connect with Mr. Sumir Verma from Merisis Advisors

Mobile 10x will be conducting a session with Mr Sumir Verma from Merisis Advisors on 17th May 2017 @ Mobile 10x Hub, Bangalore, from 5:00 pm onwards.


At Merisis, Mr. Sumir Verma works with startups in early stage and at Series A by helping them raise capital from institutional investors.

Some of the deals that they have raised money for are- Ola Cabs (Tiger) , Onsite (Accel), Knowlarity (Sequoia), Zipgo (Ventureast, Omidyar) and Perfios (Bessemer).


The session would cover the following key aspects:

  • All VCs look for a PoC to invest in – what does that really mean?
  • What are run rates that companies need to be at for VCs to look at them ?
  • Not all deals happen on the basis of run rates – what differentiates these deals from others?
  • How do investors value companies at this early stage?
  • How do the evaluation and valuation differ from enterprise to consumer deals
  • What is the criteria to select one fund over another
  • What are the key commercial terms to keep in mind while negotiating



Look forward to your participation. Please do register if interested as registered participants/attendees details will be sent to the speaker.


Kindly register with the below link